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Wow, Norman, not another newsletter! To be quite honest with you, this is my initial reaction to any newsletter subscription form out there! Some blogs even have incredibly annoying pop-up forms, which usually triggers an instant must-leave-this-website exit strategy (which sometimes fails, as that triggers another form. Gaaahhh!!).

Well then, my newsletter is nothing like this. It’s just like this site: plain text, simple links, honest opinions, and authentic reviews. It is meant for anyone who likes to keep up with my adventures and would like to follow in my footsteps.

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What can you expect from my newsletters? I am certainly not going to spam you to death. In fact, rather expect an e-mail every two weeks. See, I am working full time and really don’t feel it is all that necessary to feed you the next affiliate deal or sponsored rubbish every other day. I want you to be informed and I want you to be in a position to plan perfect trips with perfect ease – nothing else, nothing less.

If you are looking for a more frequent way to keep with my travels, I recommend you to connect via Twitter. Here is my twitter profile (do say hi!)

Me standing in front of wall with blue tiles in Khiva, Uzbekistan
Me, in Khiva Uzbekistan