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The marienplatz in Munich with its neo-gothic city hall and the frauenkirche in the background

The 50 best things to do in Munich, Germany

My personal recommendations: A massive list of the 50 best things to do in my hometown Munich
Glen Coe in Scotland and man playing bag pipes

The 20 best things to do in Scotland

A list of my favorite tourist attractions in Scotland. Castles, landscape, wildlife - this article covers it all!
The beautiful Plaza de Armas bathed in golden sunlight in Cusco, Peru

The 20 best things to do in Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a wonderful stop on your way to Machu Picchu. The ancient capital of the Inkas bekons with many highlights. Here are 20 of them!

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Me at at tea plantation in the Knuckles Forest Reserve near Kandy Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka travel blog – 20 important things you need to...

The ultimate guide to Sri Lanka - everything I learned on the road in one big Sri Lanka blog post.
Climing Sigiriya Lion Rock - it can looka bit impossible from above, but there's 1200 stairs leading you all to the top, where a spawling palace is found. It dates back to the 5th century and has been name the 8th Wonder of the World. More Sigiriya photos on the blog

Climbing Sigiriya Rock – Sri Lanka’s unique UNESCO World Heritage site

Everything you need to know about visiting the top tourist attraction in Sri Lanka dating back to the 5th century.

face behind this luxury travel blog

Welcome! My name is Norman & I’ve been traveling all my life. Luxury resorts, fine arts and cultural highlight are my focus. Read more here.

Luxury hotel reviews

View of the main pool and the beach beyond at Amanwella Sri Lanka

Amanwella review – the best luxury hotel in Sri Lanka?

Looking for the best hotel in Sri Lanka? I stayed 5 night at the Amanwella luxury beach resort and will answer your question! Is it worth it or not?
Standard bedroom, Four Seasons Hotel Milan

Review of the fantastic Four Seasons Hotel Milano

My thoughts on the arguably best hotel in Milan.
The entrance into the lobby of the Amanjena luxury hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco

Amanjena review – the best luxury hotel in Marrakech

An honest review of the arguably best hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. What to expect, highlights, lowlights and of course many beautiful pictures.
The amankila luxury hotel in East bali with its magnificient infinity pool all dressed up for a big celebration

Amankila review – the best luxury hotel in Bali

An unsponsored review of the best luxury hotel in Bali. Incredibly relaxing, perfect service and the prettiest infinity pool this side of heaven make up the Amankila.
Oberoi Zahra review - the best Nile cruise in Egypt with pictures and first-hand information

Review of the Oberoi Zahra – the best Nile cruise ship...

3000 words of pure magic - a very thorough review of the best option to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt
A flower arrangement inside the lobby of the Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo – Review of the best hotel in Tokyo

A review of my favorite hotel in Tokyo with loads of pictures and useful information.

Travel Tips

The renovated entrance of the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy where a terror attack happened in 1998

Is Sri Lanka safe to travel in 2019?

An in-depth analysis of the travel safety situation in Sri Lanka. All in all, the island in the Indian Ocean is perfectly safe, but there are some dangers in Sri Lanka you need to be aware of.
Machu Picchu elevation and how to prevent altiude sickness. Aare you wondering how high is Machu Picchu. then this guide was written for you!

How high is Machu Picchu and how to prevent altitude sickness?

Everything you need to know about altitude sickness in Machu Picchu & beyond.
No Egypt pyramids tour is complete without the classic panorama of the three pyramids - this is me on the way towards the best spot

10 important things I learned after 30 years of traveling

Everything I learned on the road - through experience or the very hard way.

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open letter to pinterest

An open letter to Pinterest

A little, but important post about how bloggers get abused on Pinterest.
How to get more followers on Pinterest and drive huge amounts of traffic to your website. 10 proven techniques.

The ultimate blogger’s guide to Pinterest 2018

10 proven techniques to drive massive traffic to your website using Pinterest. How to get more followers and secret ways to improve your engagement on Pinterest.
Why I hate most travel reviews

Fake reviews: The darkest side of the travel industry

A little Sunday rant about fake reviews and some black blogger sheep.