A list of the best places to take pictures in Paris. Don’t miss these awesome photo locations.

The blue ceiling of Saint-Chapelle in Paris

What would be a visit to Paris without the pictures to proof you’ve been there? Eating colorful macarons, posing in front of the Eifel tower and sitting on the steps of Montmartre. The city of lights is beyond beautiful. But with a city that overwhelming, it is sometimes not easy to find places a little bit off the beaten paths (make sure to read my article on 20 amazing things to do in Paris). So I compiled a list of the best photography spots in Paris for you.

Originally I wanted to put them all here on the blog, but then I realized my blog layout (even though I do like it a lot) wouldn’t be able to give all these beautiful pictures the platform they deserve. This is why I compiled a little pdf for you where you can zoom in properly and see the pictures in their full glory. Also, you can save it on your mobile phone and easily take it with you on your trip to Paris. That way you can access it even without Wi-Fi.

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I really hope this pdf will help you to take wonderful pictures home from Paris. It really took me quite a while to find these spots. There are obviously millions of more, but I tried to pick spots where you were probably going anyway. No time to read it now? Pin it for later!The 10 best photo spots in Paris. Where to be and which photo locations are the best. Click for more.



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