My 20 favorite experiences after more than 30 years traveling the world

me playing with a young sea lion while traveling around the galapagos islands
Playing with a baby sea lion on the Galapagos Islands

I always seem to be asking myself: Where should I travel next? It is not an easy question. Far from it. This world is huge and home to an abundance of beautiful places to visit. I feel quite lucky to have seen so much of it, yet if I look at any map of mother earth there are so many blank spots left. If you feel the same, then I got some inspiration for you! I compiled a little list of 20 amazing places you might want to check out in your lifetime.

So if you agree with me, I got something for you. These are my personal favorites after 30 years of traveling. So, quite an intimate list. Some of them are really popular, others more or less at the end of the world. A good mix, as they say. I also tried to put an emphasis on experiences to have rather than places to tick off your list.

There is a surprising amount of people these days who have been to every country in the world. But have they truly seen all these countries? Probably not. Traveling takes time, and it’s the experiences that count and not mere numbers. Thus my goal is not to see the world, but rather to live a fulfilled life. I am constantly working towards new & unique experiences – at home and abroad (nobody ever said you can’t have a fun time in your hometown!).

The Registan Ensemble in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, at night
The Registan Square in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, at night

I also wanted to share my best pictures of each and every bucket list experience, so I decided to compile a little e-book instead of a standard blog article. That way you can save it for later and really admire my pictures in their full glory. Just drop your e-mail into the form below and I’ll send it right over to you.

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This little booklet is really loaded with inspiration. It was quite hard to pick the best experiences and I probably could have filled another pdf with another 20 experiences (and actually I might do that anyway). But I also tried to keep it as brief as possible.

Got no time to read it now? Pin it for later!

20 amazing experiences to add to your bucket list. Far flung places you have never heard of and amazing experiences some only dream off. Click and get the list.


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