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Front view of Abu Simbel with the gigantic statues of Ramses II

Should I cancel my trip to Egypt? Can you book a...

A analysis of the current situation in Egypt and how that translates to your travel plans

On protests, discrimination, and the changing of history

I'm struggling. And I am struggling deeply. It started with COVID and the lockdown of everything I held dear: travel, food, opera. And just...
The Canal Grande and the Rialto Bridge - a must-see if you just got one day in Venice, Italy

20 pictures of Venice, Italy that will make you want to...

A visual guide with my best photos of Venice Venice will forever remain one of the most beautiful cities I ever visited. And this is...

Coronavirus: We are all in this together. So act like it.

My current take on the corona crisis and what I currently don't see people talking about
The Rainbow Mountains - one of the best day trips from Cusco and very popular

The 10 best day trips from Cusco, Peru

Plan your Peru itinerary the right way. A list of the top day trips from Cusco, the capital of the Incas.
a business class seat of Qatar airways

Is business class worth it? What not flying coach is really...

Everything you need to know about booking premium tickets. Is business class worth it? Find out!