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A crowd of tourists wearing rain capes in Machu Picchu

The dark side of Machu Picchu

Picture perfect Machu Picchu? Here is a side of the ancient Inca ruins you might not have seen before!
Leaving the floating Island of the uros to go cutting totora reeds in one of their traditional boats

The floating reed islands of the Uros People in Peru

One of the highlights of my stay around Lake Titicaca certainly was visiting the Uros people. I've always been fascinated by indigenous people and the Uros were no exception.
Norwegian flags with only blue sky in the background seen at holmenkollen ski jump

Things to do in Oslo – A guide to Norway’s awesome...

A little list of all the things I did on my short stay in Oslo.

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Visiting the Puffin colony on Lunga, Scotland

Almost untouched by man, the pristine island of Lunga offers probably the best wildlife experience in Europe. Thousands of cute puffins are nesting here - not in the least shy!

The perfect Scotland road trip

The details about my epic road trip to Scotland. Find out where I stay and want I plan to do.

face behind this luxury travel blog

Welcome! My name is Norman & I’ve been traveling all my life. Luxury resorts, fine arts and cultural highlight are my focus. Read more here.


Luxury hotl reviews

The Celebrity Xpedition cruise ship in the waters around Galapagos. Truly the best cruise ship there is

Celebrity Xpedition Review – The Luxury Galapagos Cruise ship

An honest review of the luxury Galapagos cruise ship Celebrity Xpedition. The old lady sure leads a wonderful life.
Christmas decorations made of mirrors inside the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris

The Four Seasons Hotel George V – A review

A review of the fabulous Four Seasons Hotel George V. In my opinion the best hotel in Paris, but judge for yourself.
The grand lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St.Petersburg, Russia

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg – A review

Ready for some splurge? The Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace is probably the best place to stay in St. Petersburg, Russia. Built inside an ancient Palace, the luxury hotel offers you everything you ever need and beyond.
Hotel Palacio Nazarenas - Cusco's best luxury hotel by far

Belmond Palacio Nazarenas – Review of the unique luxury hotel in...

A review of the fabulous Belmond Palacio Nazarenas in Cusco. Hidden inside an ancient convent, the boutique hotel certainly ranks among the best luxury hotels in South America.
The andean explorer trailing along the mountain side with the beautiful landscape of the altiplano in front of it

The Andean Explorer Luxury train – A Review

Ranked among the top 25 train rides in the world, and certainly the most beautiful in South America, here is all you need to know about the Andean Explorer luxury train:
A relaxing day bed on the terrace of the best luxury hotel lake titicaca

Titilaka Lodge: An Andean luxury hotel dream come true

A review of an instagrammers wet dream: The Titilaka Lodge on Lake Titicaca is probably the best looking hotel I ever was.

Travel Tips

The view on Machu Piccu from the entrance, with parts of the industrial sector

How long does it take to hike Machu Picchu?

Everything you need to know about the time it takes to hike in Machu Picchu. Also covers all the other sights like Huayna Picchu and Inti Punku
The Celebrity Xpedition cruise ship in the waters around Galapagos. Truly the best cruise ship there is

What to Pack for a Galapagos Cruise

A helpful guide to packing for a Galapagos cruise. Intense sun, wet landings and lava terrain will have you bringing along lots of expedition gear.
Packing light for a trip to the amazon river is not recommended. Here is my luggage on a canoe on its way to the hotel

Why I don’t pack light after 30 years of traveling

A liberating story about why packing light is all the wrong advice for anyone but professional bloggers and global nomads. My suitcase weights 23 kilo.

Blogging tips

What 1 Year of Travel Blogging Has Taught Me

A look at the stats after one year of travel blogging. So many fun moments, so many problems and certainly many leasons to be learned.
how to become a sucessful travel blogger

How to become a successful travel blogger

A personal analysis of common, but maybe not as successful, travel blogger habits.
taking a selfie for my travel blog in russia

How I started a professional travel blog

One month of publishing has passed: This is the story of how I set up my own WordPress blog on my own domain and started travel blogging.